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1519 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133


For two decades, AB Fits has been dealing better denim. AB Fits provides up-front personal service to clothe their customers in a global assortment of cherry-picked men's and women's denim centric styles. Like being located on the oldest street of San Francisco in the neighborhood that gave birth to cool, the store puts people in clothes that embody character and quality. Desperados who cry "Jeans don't work for me!" walk their beautified butts out the door on the road to denim worship.



AB Fits



Matias Sandoval, owner and designer of MATiAS Denim will be bringing a limited assortment from his past collections, his current offerings (including some limited production designs), and a preview of his future inspiration. Scroll down to see his development as a designer.

Join us Saturday, October 21 11:30AM-6:30PM

Sam Hart of Crooked 8 will be spinning his magic on his vintage chain stitch embroidery machine. Sam will offer complimentary embroidery on all your MATiAS purchases.











Matias Hair Past.jpg
Matias Psychadellic Hats Past.jpg


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Matias jkt Grey Present.jpg


Matias Shorts Future.jpg
Matias Denim Jkt Future.jpg

Bruin Up Good Times

AB Fits

Wondering what AB Fits is doing for Denim Bruin? Take a look deeper into limited edition items, food and drink and tricks we may have up our sleeves.

AB Fits Exclusives

When we found out that Denim Bruin was coming back, we knew we wanted make this year something special. We nudged our vendors to create something new or unique just for Denim Bruin 2017. AB Fits certainly didn’t want to get left out of participating in these creative endeavors. Come check out our collaborations at Denim Bruin 2017.

Al’s Attire

Just down the street from our shop is Al's Attire, a charming bespoke men’s and women’s clothing and shoe boutique. Your garment visions can be materialized from an idea into a custom article of clothing.

We have partnered with Al's many times to make the classic baker boy hat, and will be receiving four new hats-of course, one in our BLK/BLK denim from our latest run of the AB Fits 1195 jeans. And there's more. The Buckin’ Bruin Coat, inspired from a classic chore coat made from lightweight twill fabric with a rich and earthy hue. To make an old-fashioned coat new, we added some contemporary design elements to keep it fresh.

Paul’s Hats

Located in the Richmond District of San Francisco, Paul's Hats is a small hat shop that has been producing straw and felt hats since 1918. Since our first custom hat order in 2013, our exclusive model has improved with each run. The idea: an everyday hat, ready for anything life throws at you.

AB Fits has two new colors of lightweight, 100% beaver fur felts for fall '17. The fur fiber is soft to the touch, yet has the strength to hold it's shape and personality. When travelling, feel free to collapse it into your suitcase-it will easily reshape. When its raining, throw this hat on to protect you from the elements. Even when it’s hot, a protective layer in the interior sweatband will prevent perspiration from discoloring the body of the hat. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 3.57.29 PM.png

AB Fits

We are excited to announce more exclusive AB Fits designs! With the new addition to our team, creativity is flooding our basement with projects.  Our blue or black denim tote bags with soft leather handles are the perfect size for laptops and a few other goodies. Our favorite addition is our Ring Pin belt. Made from many different leathers, hardware, widths and lengths, each belt is custom fit to each customer. A quick fitting, and a few hole punches and you will be on your way.

Food & Drink

Food by Staffan Terje from Perbacco

For the six years we have been hosting a night of Denim Bruin, Perbacco has continued to serve up delicious bites at the event. This upscale Piedmonte and Liguria-influenced Italian restaurant is located in San Francisco’s Financial District. With close ties to Howard and AB Fits, the chef/owner Staffan Terje will always be our first choice for our events. He always surprises us with his traditional flavors with a modern attitude. 

Beer from Fort Point Brewery

While waiting for another snack to come around, sample some delicious beer from Fort Point Brewery. Founded in 2014, the brewery is located in a historic building, formerly used by the Army, in the beautiful Presidio. Fort Point has quickly become one of San Francisco's most known breweries-creating a balance between creativity and tradition.

Cocktails by Caitlin Clark

A neighborhood friend will be bartending for this years’ Denim Bruin. Caitlin Clark’s big personality matches the cocktail she will be serving up. She has worked at Wayfare Tavern, one of San Francisco’s Top 100 Restaurants, and Zeki’s, a low-key Nob Hill neighborhood bar. Wanting to appeal to everyone, there will be a whiskey or gin based cocktail. The Brown Rivet is similar to a classic cocktail better known as Sazerac. Her version has a complex flavor profile with the addition of Amaro Nonino, Benedictine, and an Absinthe rinsed glasses. Caitlin's "Screaming Parrot" starts with one of her favorite local gins from No. 209 Distillery, located at Pier 50 in San Francisco. With a balance of lemon juice, elderflower liqueur, and house made earl grey tea syrup, there are equal notes of sweet and herbal.

Night of Fun

Since Denim Bruin only comes around once a year, we wanted to celebrate in style. What better way than a DENIM SALE! Beginning Friday, July 21st until Friday, July 28th, we will be offering 20% off denim storewide (in stores only). 

A lucky couple of attendees with head turning outfits, and/or a show stopper hat may end up with something prety sweet from a collaboration between two of our featured vendors. 

Make sure to join us for an evening with our special guest ventors: C.O.F. Studio, Crooked 8, FEIT, Hollows Leather, Frogs Eat Butterflies and Sam Lee Hello. Scroll down to get a closer look at our vendors.


DB 17' Vendor Highlights

AB Fits

Get a sneak peek into the vendors that will be joining us for Denim Bruin 2017!

Next week check out what special projects AB Fits has brewing. 

C.O.F. Studio

A.B. Fits is pleased to host Per Fredriksson, founder and creative mind behind C.O.F. Studio. 

C.O.F. Studio represents what can be achieved when a “Circle of Friends” work together to create something special and unique. The brand’s collection showcases a balanced synergy between modern classic Swedish designs, and traditional high-quality Italian made jeans, always staying true to the DNA of the company-denim. While maintaining traditional craftsmanship techniques, Per finds it equally important to look forward, creating new expressions and finding innovative ways of managing production.

C.O.F. Studio uses the highest quality raw materials and fabrications to create every pair of jeans and garments. Fabrics are primarily sourced from the world famous Candiani Denim in Italy, and has been awarded the Rivetto D’oro (golden rivet), the highest symbol of quality. The jeans are sewn in small numbers by a handful of expert operators in Italy. All garments are marked with the particular friends involved in every article.


AB Fits is pleased to host the founders of FEIT, hand-made footwear. 

Designed by Tull Price in New York, all FEIT products are built entirely by hand from natural materials, produced in limited numbers with a carefully selected group of master craftspeople from around the world. FEIT was born as a reaction – an evolution of consumerism and production, moving away from volume and excess and towards quality, sustainability, and the pursuit of product integrity. Tull refers to this movement as neo luxury. To help refine this idea, Tull spent most of the next ten years studying and working in Europe to learn from its use of traditional production techniques, and its insights into capitalism and longevity – insights

Increasingly relevant in today’s world. FEIT products are a fusion of this dual history - the best of both athletic and classic footwear merged into a modern, minimal luxury product. For Tull, FEIT is a company in which he can be uncompromising in pursuit of his goals, adhering to a strict set of design and manufacturing principles.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 4.29.56 PM.png

Sam Lee Hello

Samantha Lee is a talented artist and ceramicist working in San Francisco.

Sam was, up until recently, an integral part of the AB Fits sales and creative staff. Her solo venture began this past Spring, and has quickly become a new favorite of San Francisco Bay Area retailers and consumers hungry for new classics with her personal design touches. Sam will be showing both pieces from her collection, as well as limited-edition pieces crafted especially for AB Fits.

AB Fits is pleased to host the owner and craftsman behind Hollow Leather, Nicholas Hollows.

Born from a hobby, Nicholas found love in leather. With a inherited box of tools and scrap leather, he started creating wallets for his friends- none of which resemble his current line of leather goods. Eight years later, he strives for perfection, personal growth, pride, meaning, history, and utility in every piece he makes. 

As he is a one man operation, Nicholas has been taking a "summer break". However, he will be coming to Denim Bruin in full.

Frogs Eat Butterflies

AB Fits is proud to host the founder and designer of FeB.

Inspired by modernist poetry, Frogs Eat Butterflies incorporates shapes, construction and detailing that points in all directions to keep its wearer safely centered and elegant for most of all life’s occasions – from chopping wood & carrying water to the fish & goose soiree.

John has designed a limited run of a dozen indigo hand-dyed Italian poplin shirts for the Denim Bruin event. These shirts are crafted in an old shirting factory in New Jersey, and hand-dyed in North Carolina. Surely, you will not want to miss this rare opportunity to grab one for yourself, or for the lucky recipient of your keen eye and generosity.

Crooked 8

AB Fits is delighted to host Sam Hart of Crooked 8.

Sam has been a part of the San Francisco apparel community for the past 8 years, engaged in retail management, apparel production, and tailoring. Sam’s talent was most recently plied at the Levi’s Flagship store in San Francisco as their Embroidery Specialist. He has recently become part of the creative and sales team at AB Fits.

Building on his craft as a tailor and designer, Sam Hart has developed mad skills with the use of his newly acquired Cornely chain stitch embroidery machine, invented by Antoine Bonnaz, 1865. This machine was the first technological advancement in the area of embroidery. His Cornely machine works as a “freehand embroiderer”. The direction of the needle is controlled by an undercarriage handle, giving him full control of design. Note: these machines are the ones used to embroider names on the backs of the famous Disneyland Mickey Mouse hats. Sam will be showing some of his unique artistic finished creations, as well as demoing his embroidery techniques on the Cornely machine at this year’s event.



Denim Bruin 2017

AB Fits

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 3.01.56 PM.png

J U L Y   2 8 ,  2 9  &  3 0

A little bit about the man behind Denim Bruin

Mark has lived in San Francisco for about 25 years, and has been a gardener for most of that time. Denim has always been a passion and hobby for him—he does not have a financial interest in the industry. He runs and Denim Bruin for the interest of other fans of unique and quality made denim & workwear.  Mark tries to keep both ventures as marketing-free as possible, “although, in this day and age, that line gets rather blurry”.

The initial concept and philosophy of Denim Bruin

The origin of Denim Bruin was to provide a showcase for Michael and Charla Harris to display their collection of late 19th and early 20th century American workwear. Their carefully curated collection changes greatly over time, as they find new pieces and sell others to collectors. At the time (2010), they had a large selection of items, and quite a few examples of very early denim. These denim items were of special interest to Mark Randal, so he decided to arrange a showing of these rare and unique pieces in San Francisco.

Mark’s friend Roy Slaper, a local jean maker, expressed interest in being involved, and arranged for a fine gallery space in Oakland for the Harris’ to show their collection. He also made quite a few of the decorative items for that first year, including the official Denim Bruin Flag, and he also volunteered to MC the event. 

The Harris’ and Mark were involved in some online forums at that time-denimbro & superfuture. Since many of their friends from these forums expressed interest in coming to San Francisco for the event, he decided to try and give them a little more “bang for their buck”. This was when Mark approached Howard Gee, the owner of AB Fits in San Francisco's North Beach, about hosting another night of events.  As Howard owns the longest running denim shop in the city, and has a special interest in Made in America denim, Mark felt he and his shop would be a great match. Howard happily agreed. Together, they developed a short list of manufacturers that they wanted to showcase at the event. Mister Freedom, Rising Sun, and Levis Vintage Clothing were among the exhibitors that first year.

As the events of that first year were surprisingly well attended and greatly appreciated, Mark and his group of enthusiastic and talented denim historians, manufacturers, and retailers decided to keep doing it as long as it was feasible. Over the years, the core planning and instigation group has evolved from the Harris’, Howard, Roy, and of course Mark, to include Standard & Strange, Nicholas Hollows, Levis Vintage Clothing, Kevin Mosley, and Florian Bertmer. Denim Bruin wouldn't be the same without them.

A question for Mark about his decision to continue Denim Bruin this year: What changed your mind?

“I was sort of worn out-truth be told. Denim Bruin planning is not physically demanding; however, the logistics and trying to keep participants to deadlines has turned out to require a lot more mental energy than I had initially realized.”

“A few key people from last year expressed a keen interest in continuing Denim Bruin; so here we are, for at least one more year.”

The new format for Denim Buin 2017, how will it be different from past Denim Bruin events?

 There was to be a new format this year. Friday was to be a private event for long-term Denim Bruin attendees and exhibitors, offering them an opportunity to mingle in a low-key atmosphere. It was going to have some nice surprises-a live sewing demonstration, several talented (and actually, rather well-known) musicians (and denimbros), and a Dutch Tattooist (also a denimbro) doing what they do best during the event. Sadly, one by one, they became unable to attend.

But then-Michael Harris found some new items of clothing that he was especially excited about. His finds were so inspiring that he asked Mark about showing them this year. So, with that proposal, Denim Bruin has reverted to its original format.

Actually, Mark is pleased that things turned out this way, as “it will be nice to go out on a similar note to the first year-if this turns out to be Denim Bruin's swan song!”

AB Fits Gift Guide

AB Fits

Whether you plan your holiday giving ahead of time or shop at the very last minute, we can help. This holiday season, AB Fits is excited to carry a range of new merchandise: fragrance products using natural extractions,  handcrafted (with care, of course) ceramic pieces, cookware collections, locally produced, and hand-dyed leather goods. Here is a rundown of what we are currently appreciating. 


Speaking of kitchenware, UBI-IND Denim’s “Mi Cocina” line is also here. Accessories like dish towels, aprons, oven mitts and hot pads, made from 100% cotton here in San Francisco, make for an ideal stocking stuffer. Our pal Ubi designs and constructs his line in the heart of the Mission.

Ceramic items from Samleehello are now available at AB Fits, and are made using a custom blended stoneware. Stoneware is a slightly denser, more durable material than average clay. When vitrified, this material serves as a perfectly reliable kitchen item: think bowls, cups, mugs and plates! Some of the pieces are speckled, some combine elements, making for an interesting marbled effect and others are, yep!, you guessed it, indigo. We sip strong, dark roast Graffeo coffee from these mugs on a regular basis, so we know how much they rock. 


Town bags are functional, yet refined, and intended for everyday use. Made locally with high-quality leather, more and more color patterns and styles are being developed now in Bernal Heights. As with our jeans, these small-batch bags take on character with age. We began with the Avery brief, a bag that easily fits your laptop, notepad, cell phone and other essentials, and have since expanded to the Bennett Tote. The Bennett Tote has a sturdy rectangular base with inner compartments for additional storage. We are particularly looking forward to releasing this style in indigo camouflage.

Oakland-based Juniper Ridge specializes in all-natural fragrance formulas. Ingredients, such as Douglas fir, cedar, sunflower, mugwort, wild sage, plant saps and distilled oils, are foraged across the western United States, bringing us all truly unique products. Raw denim can sometimes get musky after a prolonged wear period, so Juniper Ridge’s Desert Denim Wash, sustainably sourced from the Mojave Desert, will surely freshen your favorite pants. Smudge sticks, or natural incense, plus two types of tea are in the shop as well. 

If you cannot make our annual holiday party this Saturday, December 10th from 5-8pm, we will be open seven days a week until Christmas eve. Swing by, say hello, catch up and check out what we have.

Happy holidays from the entire AB Fits team, including Ginger!