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1519 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133


For two decades, AB Fits has been dealing better denim. AB Fits provides up-front personal service to clothe their customers in a global assortment of cherry-picked men's and women's denim centric styles. Like being located on the oldest street of San Francisco in the neighborhood that gave birth to cool, the store puts people in clothes that embody character and quality. Desperados who cry "Jeans don't work for me!" walk their beautified butts out the door on the road to denim worship.


Introduction to Blluemade

AB Fits


We first met husband-and-wife team Alex and Lilly when they joined the vendor line-up at the We United Show, organized by C.O.F. Studio in New York City. They were kindred spirits with Howard in their ability to connect with their customers and fellow vendors through clothing. Their passion for their work is apparent in the meticulous and dynamic design of their garments. We are excited to be working with Blluemade and look forward to future collaborations.

Blluemade is proud to work with heritage linen mills and family-run businesses and factories in New York City's Historic Garment District. They design the clothing they want to see and wear, and are particularly inspired by vintage apparel across many cultures and areas, especially farmer clothing and workwear. They also have a small but growing collection of historic textiles which they study to understand how natural fabrics and treatments develop with age. This approach is for the purpose of creating modern, useful, and elegant clothing with an eye to history. These are clothes to be worn in every city in the world. 

The Blluemade name references their many influences. “Blue” comes from their love of indigo, denim, and blue-dyed textiles from around the world . “Made” speaks to their commitment to ethical production. The extra “l” in blluemade is for linen, which is central to Blluemade's origins.

Lilly and Alex spent years studying art history and philosophy and teaching these subjects at universities. Both of them wrote art criticism. This training and experience gave them an eye for design, form, and color, as well as an appreciation for timeless quality. They became interested in the intersections of fabric with other aspects of their lives, and the connection between natural fabrics like linen with Old Master painting or as wrappings for Egyptian mummies. Linen, they realized, was a platform for so much of what they had appreciated over their lives. In turn, linen became the platform of the clothing they design.


Linen is the oldest textile known to man, a fact which is a constant source of inspiration for Lilly and Alex. This sustainable fabric comes from the flax plant, a versatile plant where every part, from seed to stalk, is usable or biodegradable, including finished cloth. The best linen comes from the fields of Flanders (an area encompassing Northern France and Western Belgium), where Blluemade’s 100% linen fabrics are made, dyed, and finished. They primarily work with a carbon-neutral mill that has been family-owned for five generations and oversees every step of the process, from flax farming to the finished bolts of linen. Their linen is made from long staple fibers, meaning the fabric is naturally wrinkle resistant, strong, and never itchy. Their garments are designed in Brooklyn and produced in New York City’s historic Garment District in a factory owned and run by women.

The 100% linen they use is certified by the Masters of Linen, a registered mark of excellence promoting textile companies that produce fabric entirely in Europe, from field to yarn to fabric. Their Belgian linen is always hypoallergenic, naturally wrinkle-resistant, and easy to care for. 

Beginning in Autumn Winter 2018, they have expanded into fabrics from Japan and Belgium which blend linen with other great natural fibers. They are using silk-linen blends from the linen mill we work with in Belgium that have a luxurious feel and elegant appearance, as well as wool-linen blends from Japan that are warm yet lightweight, and very hardy, and a new cotton-ramie-linen blend typewriter cloth from Japan that is light and a little stiff, like a more luxurious canvas, and has a tight weave and gentle slub that makes this fabric extremely distinctive and beautiful to wear. 

As they grow, Blluemade will continue to experiment with and expand their range of natural fabrics as well as the global inspirations for their designs. American-production, particularly in New York City's historic Garment District, is at the core of their work. With these dual missions, they hope to embody a New American Tradition of garment-making.

Meet the Maker: FEIT Master Craftsman Comes to AB Fits

AB Fits


On Saturday, September 15th, FEIT's master craftsman will be visiting the shop from southern China—where the FEIT production studio is located—for an exclusive live demonstration of their industry defining hand-sewing process that takes place on every pair of FEIT's classic Goodyear welted vegetable-tanned shoes. Each shoe is constructed from a single piece of leather and hand-stitched at the heel, completely seamless, ensuring comfort and allowing the shoe to break in naturally and eventually shape and mold to the foot. 

Interactive workshops will be held throughout the day. Stop by the shop to view the craftsmanship up close, shop the newly dropped Fall Winter 2018 collection, and preview Spring Summer 2019 collection. 

RSVP here to attend or contact us to learn more.  


The global footwear industry will grow to over USD 320 billion by 2023, a staggering increase from USD 246 billion in 2017. Fueling the growth is the proliferation of mass production and the use of cheap synthetic materials and automation. The harmful impact on the environment unfortunately grows alongside in sync. 

FEIT believes that creating high-quality, handmade shoes from natural materials will reduce production of harmful pollutants and our dependence on petroleum and landfills, while also extending the lifespan of each pair of shoes made. Skillfully hand-built by one craftsman from start to finish, FEIT adheres to a strict policy of using biological materials and natural treatments where possible. Natural materials breathe, patina, take on the shape of, and become one with, the wearer. Read more here about FEIT principles on construction and materials. 



Designed by Tull Price in New York, all FEIT products are built entirely by hand from natural materials and produced in limited numbers with a carefully selected group of master craftspeople from around the world. FEIT was founded as an evolution of consumerism and production, moving away from volume and excess and towards quality, sustainability, and the pursuit of product integrity. FEIT operates two brick and mortar stores in New York and one in Sydney, and an online shop that ships internationally. 


Daniel Torjman of 18 Waits

AB Fits


Join us in welcoming Daniel Torjman, Founder of 18 Waits at AB Fits!

Thursday, April 5th
5pm – 9pm

Daniel will be visiting from chilly Ontario, Canada to promote the Sunshine|Moonlight Collection

Preview his adorable children's line Hopper Hunter and special order select pieces

We'll have snacks to curb your appetite & libations to whet your whistle



18 Waits is a common ground for like-minded individuals. It is a lifestyle as opposed to simply a brand or fashion label. It’s a way of life inspired by a joie de vivre and an appreciation of the finer things in life like an old pair of leather boots or a child’s painting. 18 Waits has an old European mentality which, at the same time, takes inspiration in nature and the natural flow of the earth. It is a lifestyle which adheres just as much to Parisian cafés as it does to old English pubs, 1920s New York speakeasies, wood cabins by the lake, old upright pianos, poetry, literature, and 1970s rock and roll music.

The clothes are built well from the finest fabrics appropriate for each item within the collection. There is virtually no detail overlooked and thoughtfully addressed. These items are meant to be worn well, enjoyed, loved, and destroyed.

Founder and Creative Director, Daniel Torjman, cut his teeth first at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology and then as a production manager for Rogan where he helped open the flagship store in Tribeca. Returning to Canada, Daniel turned his attentions to conceptualizing and launching 18 Waits. 18 Waits emphasizes quality in its materials and craftsmanship with a lineup of products made by artisans and manufacturers in Canada and the United States. He enjoys Rock & Roll music, traveling and adventures in the great outdoors with his wife Julia, son Hopper Hunter and their husky Alice Cooper.



For the Spring/Summer 2018 collection – Sunshine | Moonlight – 18 Waits is digging deeper into the desert landscape of the American southwest. They are particularly interested in the relationship between light and dark, sunshine and moonlight, and how they respectively create bright starkness or dark shadows, depending on the time of day or night. The light of the desert – or lack thereof – creates such great imagery and varies dramatically between dusk, dawn, high noon, and twilight.

This season, they were inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe - one of the most significant and trailblazing American modernist artists of the twentieth century. Her profound landscapes, mountain ranges, and images of bones against the stark desert skies are the iconic images that influenced us for this collection. They found inspiration in the light and mood of her paintings, as well as the spirit of the of the New Mexican terrain.  

O’Keefe’s use of light provoked the idea to explore the relationship between light and dark; sunshine and moonlight. The lightness, darkness, starkness and shadows of a desert vista informs the color story and pattern choices for this collection to wear during the day and at night, in the city and out in the wilds.

‘I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way... things I had no words for.’ - Georgia O’Keefe

C.O.F. Studio - The Ultimate Denim Brand

AB Fits

6_MG_0793_l copy BW.jpg


C.O.F. Studio represents what can be achieved when a “Circle Of Friends” work together to create something special and unique. At the center of this circle, you will find Per Fredriksson, founder and creative mind behind this concept and brand.

Per comes from a small town south of Stockholm, Sweden, and has always held tightly to the dream of one day creating his own denim concept. His obsession with denim started back in the 70’s, at a time when the denim industry was reaching its pinnacle in Europe. What sealed his fate was a copy of Interview magazine, which contained an iconic image of Andy Warhol dressed in his signature pair of Levi’s® 501 jeans®. From that first glimpse of the iconic red tab, Per made every effort to have a career positioning him as close to the world of denim as possible.

His career flourished, from stocking the store shelves at Gul & Blå, to Product Manager at Dobber Jeans, which in Scandinavia was second only to Levi’s®. Each opportunity allowed Per to discover all facets and nuances of denim manufacturing. His passion fueled the desire to become an expert on the business of denim.

In the 80’s, his work brought him to Japan. Per was one of the first people to help introduce selvage denim to their industry. Then in the 90’s, he made his biggest move. He moved to Italy, where he lived and worked for 18 years. In Italy, Per focused on the manufacturing processes: stitching, construction, and hand washing.

Under the name Modern Basic 08, Per provided, and continues to provide, jeans and fabrics to many of the industry’s leading denim brands. It is his endless knowledge and close friendships, developed throughout his lengthy and dedicated career in denim, that has brought Per back to Stockholm, Sweden to start his own denim brand, C.O.F. Studio.



C.O.F. Studio has one simple mission: bring together people who share a common vision toward creating quality denim products. The brand’s collection showcases a balanced synergy between modern classic Swedish designs and traditional high quality Italian made jeans, always staying true to the DNA of the company – denim. They maintain traditional craftsmanship techniques, yet find it equally important to look forward, creating new expressions and finding innovative ways of managing production.

They carefully choose the highest quality raw materials and fabrications to create every pair of jeans. The manufacturers and suppliers to C.O.F. Studio are the foundation of their brand. Fabrics are primarily sourced from the world famous Candiani Denim. Top grade leather from Panama Trimmings, and superior hardware from RiRi Group; buttons and rivets from Cobrax, and zippers from Meras assure the highest quality of function and detailing. The Rivetto D’oro (golden rivet) is their ultimate detail; the highest symbol of quality awarded to C.O.F. Studio by Candiani Denim, along with the great honor of being one of three companies to be granted the Candiani Denim Black Label, signifying their strong partnership and common commitment to excellence.

C.O.F. Studio jeans are sewn in small numbers by a handful of expert operators in Italy. As a true testament of quality, each garment is marked with the specific friends involved in every pair, including the denim mill, button and rivet manufacturers, leather tannery, master tailors, and washing experts.