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1519 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133


For two decades, AB Fits has been dealing better denim. AB Fits provides up-front personal service to clothe their customers in a global assortment of cherry-picked men's and women's denim centric styles. Like being located on the oldest street of San Francisco in the neighborhood that gave birth to cool, the store puts people in clothes that embody character and quality. Desperados who cry "Jeans don't work for me!" walk their beautified butts out the door on the road to denim worship.


Newest Jeans in Stock

AB Fits

For those who want to know the latest and the greatest, we have the current breakdown of newest arrivals in men's denim.

We are excited to carry more of the collection from Circle of Friends. Yes, they are awesome. There are now three total fits, the M1, M2, and M3. What are they? M1 is the slimmest and yes they are pretty slim. I wouldn't consider it just yet skinny though. The M2 is the regular fit, our current day slim straight leg. The M3 which is the tapered leg, and that means it's a little easier in the thigh than the M1, but slims down starting from the knee.

The M1 we now have this in stock in blue and black. The black which has a little stretch. The M2 we now have in both the 12 oz and the 16 oz denim. The newest fit, M3, we have in a 12oz raw blue denim. Most of these will be released online. 

M1 Slim Black/Black

M1 Slim Black/Black

M2 Regular 16oz denim

M2 Regular 16oz denim

M3 Tapered 12oz denim

M3 Tapered 12oz denim

The newest addition to the family is Freenote Clothing. Two brothers who have focused on quality over quantity have crafted a menswear line from tops to bottoms. Making everything in the US and based in San Juan Capistrano, CA this new line brings a rugged american culture to life. We begin with the modern straight leg called Rios in the dark blue american selvage denim. We love Freenote for their taste in details such as the back pocket, fantastic taste in buttons, and overall quality.


Last but not least we have a new fabric from Matias in the Sol fit. I describe it as a modern contemporary cut. It is the most comfortable slim leg you will wear. Easy in the waist and slim (not necessarily skinny) in the leg in the new fabric, Betto. Betto is a beautiful grey Japanese dobby denim. A fantastic texture in a hard to find color.