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1519 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133


For two decades, AB Fits has been dealing better denim. AB Fits provides up-front personal service to clothe their customers in a global assortment of cherry-picked men's and women's denim centric styles. Like being located on the oldest street of San Francisco in the neighborhood that gave birth to cool, the store puts people in clothes that embody character and quality. Desperados who cry "Jeans don't work for me!" walk their beautified butts out the door on the road to denim worship.


C.O.F. Studio - The Ultimate Denim Brand

AB Fits

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C.O.F. Studio represents what can be achieved when a “Circle Of Friends” work together to create something special and unique. At the center of this circle, you will find Per Fredriksson, founder and creative mind behind this concept and brand.

Per comes from a small town south of Stockholm, Sweden, and has always held tightly to the dream of one day creating his own denim concept. His obsession with denim started back in the 70’s, at a time when the denim industry was reaching its pinnacle in Europe. What sealed his fate was a copy of Interview magazine, which contained an iconic image of Andy Warhol dressed in his signature pair of Levi’s® 501 jeans®. From that first glimpse of the iconic red tab, Per made every effort to have a career positioning him as close to the world of denim as possible.

His career flourished, from stocking the store shelves at Gul & Blå, to Product Manager at Dobber Jeans, which in Scandinavia was second only to Levi’s®. Each opportunity allowed Per to discover all facets and nuances of denim manufacturing. His passion fueled the desire to become an expert on the business of denim.

In the 80’s, his work brought him to Japan. Per was one of the first people to help introduce selvage denim to their industry. Then in the 90’s, he made his biggest move. He moved to Italy, where he lived and worked for 18 years. In Italy, Per focused on the manufacturing processes: stitching, construction, and hand washing.

Under the name Modern Basic 08, Per provided, and continues to provide, jeans and fabrics to many of the industry’s leading denim brands. It is his endless knowledge and close friendships, developed throughout his lengthy and dedicated career in denim, that has brought Per back to Stockholm, Sweden to start his own denim brand, C.O.F. Studio.



C.O.F. Studio has one simple mission: bring together people who share a common vision toward creating quality denim products. The brand’s collection showcases a balanced synergy between modern classic Swedish designs and traditional high quality Italian made jeans, always staying true to the DNA of the company – denim. They maintain traditional craftsmanship techniques, yet find it equally important to look forward, creating new expressions and finding innovative ways of managing production.

They carefully choose the highest quality raw materials and fabrications to create every pair of jeans. The manufacturers and suppliers to C.O.F. Studio are the foundation of their brand. Fabrics are primarily sourced from the world famous Candiani Denim. Top grade leather from Panama Trimmings, and superior hardware from RiRi Group; buttons and rivets from Cobrax, and zippers from Meras assure the highest quality of function and detailing. The Rivetto D’oro (golden rivet) is their ultimate detail; the highest symbol of quality awarded to C.O.F. Studio by Candiani Denim, along with the great honor of being one of three companies to be granted the Candiani Denim Black Label, signifying their strong partnership and common commitment to excellence.

C.O.F. Studio jeans are sewn in small numbers by a handful of expert operators in Italy. As a true testament of quality, each garment is marked with the specific friends involved in every pair, including the denim mill, button and rivet manufacturers, leather tannery, master tailors, and washing experts.