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Jackman GG Sweat Crewneck

Jackman GG Sweat Crewneck

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Jackman continues to impress us with every delivery. This round, we shifted gears into the world of mid-heavyweight sweats. This piece is as good of a sweatshirt as we've ever seen (and we don't say that lightly). The GG stands for grainy because this fabric has such character. They use two different yarn thicknesses in the knitting process in their factory in Fukui. The decorative yarn creates a whole heck of a lot of texture that you'll feel from the get-go. The crew neck features and extra long ribbing to mirror vintage sweaters of old. And, with all the amazing products we've carried over the years...we wouldn't be surprised if you're the most impressed with these. We're super stoked to have some Miami Vice, pastel colors for this season. They can be that pop to your otherwise earthy wardrobe. 

This is a crewneck that uses domestic thick yarn and uses GG fleece that has both thickness and softness. The back is not brushed and can be worn for 3 seasons. The milling cutter (rib) also uses two threads to improve durability - a cover stitch over a grounding stitch.  The back is also raglan to eliminate the sharpness of the shoulders. 

  • Heavy Cotton Terry / 100% Cotton
  • Densely knit cotton on hanging knitting machines
  • Produced in Jackman factory in Fukui prefecture
. Length Chest Shoulder Sleeve
S 24.4 20.47 18.11 23.42
M 25.19 21.25 18.89 24.01
L 25.98 22.04 19.69 24.6
XL 26.77 22.83 20.47 25.19

A variance of .5" is within tolerance. 

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