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Jackman Dotsume Pocket T-Shirt

Jackman Dotsume Pocket T-Shirt

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This is the first renewal of the Dotsume Pocket T-shirt in 6 years. Made of dotsume jersey material made from American cotton using a loop knitting machine. The approximately 11.5 ounce extra-thick material is woven using the characteristics of a loop knitting machine that can evenly tighten the fabric to its maximum density, and is resistant to shrinkage or distortion even after repeated wear and washing. To match the body fabric, we used ribs that are as thick as a sweatshirt to maintain the overall balance.

This T-shirt is not see-through and sweat stains are not noticeable, giving you a sense of security. The design has a minor change to the plush pocket. The pocket details of baseball uniforms from the early 1900s have been changed to a home base type front facing to create a clean pocket opening. The design has also been revised to make the shoulder width and body width 3-4cm wider and the length 2cm longer than the previous JM5870.

The rib at the neck has been modified to make the milling width thinner and slightly narrower so that the neckline does not become too large. Considering the overall balance, we changed the shape of the armholes and sleeves to create a classic T-shirt. 

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