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GRP TEC 2/14 Short Sleeve Neo Polo

GRP TEC 2/14 Short Sleeve Neo Polo

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GRP TEC 2/14 men's short sleeve Polo sweater shirt. It has a unique textured fabric that looks a like bubble (similar to a thermal). It is a very comfortable, breathable sweater that moves easily with the body. It works equally well with pants or shorts, tucked in or left out. You can go from a casual weekend to work attire dressed up under a blazer. It looks fantastic too. Perfect for Spring or Summer.

Fabric: 100% Peruvian Crepe Cotton. Spot knit texture weave.

Model: GRP ART. TEC 2/14 Neo Polo S/S 

II = Small

III = Small/Medium

IV = Medium

V = Medium/Large

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VII = Extra Large


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