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Jackman Lead-Off S/S T-Shirt

Jackman Lead-Off S/S T-Shirt

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This T-shirt is made from air-spun cotton with a length of approximately 13-33 mm, which is mainly produced in the cotton-growing region of the Mississippi River basin in the United States. The pockets are removed so that it can be worn all year round, and the polyurethane blend stretch milling is used to prevent stretching around the neck so that it can be worn for a long time. 22SS season Lead-off T-Shirt Compared to JM5240, the design has been changed to have a body width of +3cm, shoulder width +2cm, length +2cm, and sleeve length +1cm. This is a lead-off T-shirt that is a little looser and easier to wear

Model: JM5325 - Jackman Lead-Off S/S T-Shirt

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